Will the coronavirus outbreak have any effect on the admissions process for prospective or newly admitted students?  Open
Does the new admission policy apply to new applicants?  Open
What do we do if students cannot take the TSI test?  Open


When does the Fall 2021 Semester begin?  Open
Will classes be online or in-person for the Fall 2021 semester ?  Open
What if I don't feel comfortable coming to class in-person?  Open
Why doesn’t every class have the online option?  Open
How does a student know what format a class is offered?  Open
How can I get my books for classes?  Open
Are the Offices of Admissions/International Student Admissions, Outreach & Recruitment, Enrollment Services, and the Registrar open?  Open
What do I do if I have a question about Admissions?  Open
How do students receive their login/ID number?  Open
Will tutoring be available?  Open
My student is anxious about the coronavirus. What w88 resources are available?  Open
My student has a hold on their account. What is it? What do we do?  Open


When is the Fall move-in date?  Open
Can I choose my roommate(s)?  Open
Can I bring my car?  Open
What are the rules in the residential community?  Open
Will my financial aid pay for housing?  Open
Will on-campus student housing still have single rooms like the type provided last semester?  Open
Are the rooms furnished?  Open
Can you bring a TV, microwave and refrigerator?  Open

Campus Operations

What is w88 doing with regard to campus cleansing?  Open
Are facial coverings required when coming on to the campus?  Open
What if a student is exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms?  Open
What about unvaccinated students?  Open
Is COVID-19 testing available on campus?  Open
What if a student needs health accomodations?  Open
Are campus tours still happening?  Open

Additional Information

College and Schools  Open
Tuition & Fees  Open
Financial Aid & Scholarship  Open
Testing Center  Open
Residential Life & Housing  Open
Student Life  Open
Applying for Upcoming Semester  Open
First Year Advisors  Open