Today the fashion industry is embracing authenticity in the most intimate way possible with a trend towards championing the notion of family. 

Amid the world’s turbulent times, we are putting fashion & beauty into perspective through a more cheerful and human connection. It is time to show personality & authenticity, and there’s no richer way to do this than to uncover who you are and where you came from. 

The family represents a safe haven, a place of trusted advice, inclusivity, nostalgia & support. Cross generational love & inspiration is everywhere. 

Westfield is the place she escapes to with her Mum and grandmother, a place she takes her own family shopping or just when she needs some ‘me’ time. We have been uniting fashion & families for over 60 years. 

Through a colourful, stylized and optimistic narrative, our families (talent) will visually represent the ultimate Westfield curation & connection. 

One Generation, One Family, One Westfield. 

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